Microsoft 365 updates for this month include tools for first-line workers and more.

As is usually the case at the end of every month, Microsoft has published a summary of updates made to Microsoft 365 for this month. Notably, similar to last year’s first round-up, the tech giant has aimed to reaffirm its commitment to first-line workers through a set of new tools. Updates to improve content presentation have also been highlighted, alongside the introduction of streamlined IT management processes and more. For starters, several steps have been taken to help empower first-line workers. The Walkie Talkie feature was announced earlier this month as a way for them to communicate more easily with each other. One-time SMS codes for sign-in and shared device sign-outs have been brought to Microsoft 365 as a whole as well. Finally, regarding Teams, Tasks have been revamped to offer new capabilities, and off-shift access controls have also been introduced for more control over user management.

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