Easily scan documents into Word on Android

Office Mobile team. has introduce a new feature to increase your productivity: Scan to Word on Android.

Now we are able to digitize hard copy documents, such as receipts from a business trip that you need to include in an expense report, or notes from a brainstorming meeting that you’d like to use as a starting point for a proposal, would be helpful. Using the scanning power of Office Lens, office team is happy to give you the ability to easily convert physical documents into digital ones that can easily be edited and shared.

How it works

Whether you are starting a new document or updating an existing one, you can use the Scan to Word feature.

Start a document with scanned text:

1. Tap Create Document > Scan text.

scan to word

2. Press the Lens button and take photos of the document you would like to scan.

3. Tap the Images button that shows the number of pictures you took.

4. Press the Done button to convert the images into your document.

Add scanned text to an existing document:

1. Open an existing document that you want to add scanned text to.

2. Place the cursor where you want to add the scanned text and tap the Insert tab > Scan Document

scan to word

3. Tap the Camera button and take photos of the document you would like to scan.

4. Press the Images button that shows the number of pictures you took.

5. Tap the Done button to convert the images into your document.

Known Issue

Handwritten text is not recognized reliably. You will likely need to make adjustments to your document to ensure accuracy.


The Scan to Word feature is now available in English for users in the United States running Insider build 16.0.12730.10000 or later on Android. This feature will be coming to Windows Mobile soon.

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