Did you dread having to name your audio file before being able to insert it? Worry no more. You can now click a button and start recording.


  • Enable microphone permissions if prompted.

How it works

1. On the Insert tab, click Record audio.

2. In the Record Audio pane, click the Record button.

3. When you are done recording, click the Stop button.

4. To listen to your recording and make sure you are satisfied with it, click the Play button.

5. If you are satisfied, click the Insert button. If you are not, click the Discard button and repeat steps 1 through 4. 

Tips and tricks

  • Speak clearly and conversationally, but feel free to pause in between thoughts.
  • Speak more deliberately if you notice accuracy issues.
  • Move to a quieter location or use headphones if you see background noise getting picked up.
  • You can always trim your audio clip afterward so do not worry about ending your recording too fast or starting it too early.

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